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risk, and make success a reality. bny mellon wealth management boproductivity up, costs down, thtime to market reduced... those are good things. upstairs, they will see fantasy. not fantasy... logistics. ups came in, analyzed our supply chain, inventory systems... ups? ups. not fantas who would have thought? i did. we did, bob. we did. got it. >> dana: more mysterys are waiting to be discovered. >> we have architectural excellence. but very complex. they like to go way back into the past and talk about the actions of the gods. >> i think we are looking at very different cultures than ours and doing things very different ways and under its prime objective a connection between earth and heaven which is done through the medium of architecture and v very precise astronomical observations. the mayan calendar is itself a stunning technological device. it actually has more accurate estimate of the length of the solar year than we used to in modern western civilization. >> reporter: it's amazing when you thing about it. you have light, magicians with the seasons and gee tri-. >> and unlike a
opportunities, find hidden risk, and make success a reality. bny mellon wealth management a new way to save on your prescriptions. it's the aarp medicarerx saver plus plan from unitedhealthcare. with this plan, you can get copays as low as a dollar through a preferred network pharmacy like walgreens -- where you'll find 8,000 convenient locations. best of all, this plan has the lowest part d premium in the united states -- only $15 a month. open enrollment ends december 7th. so call today or visit your local walgreens. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's thursday, november 29, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for spending part of your day with us. can you say ka, which hing. we didn't win. two lucky winners in the powerball jackpot, we will reveal the numbers. >> brian: to be a fly on the wall after a bruising campaign, mitt romney and president obama will set the record straight and break bread and maybe who knows how this will -- >> steve: are you projecting a cage match? >> brian: i watched the debate. they don't get along. will they today? we're going to washington to
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2